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4818 days ago by Susan
We received a call from Utah (out of state) taking a poll about state politics. When my husband didn't give them answers they liked, they...
4920 days ago by Bothered
They are a Venture data group out of Utah and feel that they have the right to call anyone as many times as they want and say they are not...
5623 days ago by mick
3912 days ago by queen v
This number calls an says nothing. Just holds the phone. need it to stop
4705 days ago by david
it is a text message that in order to make it stop you have to reply and charges apply.
5462 days ago by jb
4919 days ago by Kimberly
Calls, several times a day does nto leave a voice mail message. Very annoying -boarderline harrassment.
4817 days ago by leeburn
Looking for another person.
5369 days ago by poop
Membership Update
4895 days ago by hgthftfkjhg
5614 days ago by reporter
no message
5606 days ago by JoeCollecti
They called on 1/15/2008 at 11:15 AM
4925 days ago by corict
21 calls in a week while I was away. The next day, 4 calls just in a couple of hours. No response when I answer the phone.
4882 days ago by Bsgal
no message left - just missed call
5312 days ago by vo
need to know
5143 days ago by Lucky
They keep harrassing me all day all night. I ask them to stop calling told them they were harrasing me then they call back let it ring once or...
5584 days ago by avi
5321 days ago by sal5046
Haven't had the opportunity to talk to this guy yet, but he keeps calling and hangs up; then when I call back I get a voicemail for "...
5607 days ago by mark
phone number
5573 days ago by Law
Constant calls 3-4 x per day, never leaves message
5466 days ago by Nexus
Marketing for internet business. Underground Cash Secrets.
4861 days ago by Colleen
They call my home 3x's daily, I answer, the other end of the line is not silent, yet, no communication. almost as if you are on hold, w/o...
5566 days ago by Ron
Called and was Rambling
5160 days ago by Mark
Don't know who this number belongs to. Caller ID reads unknown name. When I call back, it says number disconnected or changed.
4802 days ago by Cami
Asked for my ex-husband to collect money for a bill he owed. Express Collections.
5369 days ago by tired of collectors
caller leaves a message to call Brittany with no additional information. They screen their calls and will not give any information about thier...
3409 days ago by Amber
This number belongs to Naomi. She is a debt collector for Express Recovery.
4725 days ago by marysol
5516 days ago by zepallica
Answered and they hung up
5271 days ago by John
The caller asked for my dad (whose name is listed with my number for some reason.) This person not only mispronounced my dad's name, but he...
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