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Area Code 804 (38 total results)
5261 days ago by Saurabh Datta
Did not receive the call.
5606 days ago by chen
I got a call....But called back nobody answeres.
4675 days ago by sassy
I didn't answer and they didn't leave message. Calls every day.
2921 days ago by J metsch
Received an unsolicited threat message. Message was incoherent and sounded like the threat was a recording or doctored voice. Message wass left...
5676 days ago by steve
unknown call to cell phone.
5591 days ago by Femi
No message left. I didn't recognize the number.
4993 days ago by Marty
Is I.C. System listed on your credit report or are you receiving calls from I.C. System? If yes, please call 888-735-0516.
4824 days ago by carmen
Iam on the do not call list, when I call back to 804 234 9032 a recorder said you are calling to merry's research, and we like to have your...
5419 days ago by JK
This call came as Unknown, and sometimes as the number above. The msg asks me to call back. Stop Calling My number. Thanks
5665 days ago by mad
Calls daily. When told to stop calling hangs up. I'm on the do not call list which is a bunch of crap. Numbers unlisted, and I pay extra...
5677 days ago by Scot Stratton
Have no clue who this is and when I call back no one knows what I was called for. This is rediculous!!.
4912 days ago by Iris
Called and hung up
4858 days ago by Zachary
they call 3 times a day when I asked them to take me off the call list they told me to tell someone about them and hung up.
4914 days ago by tj
Debt collections call
5347 days ago by Schmell
Please stop calling my cell phone.
5016 days ago by mauller
5234 days ago by Rosie
WHo are these people call me???
4875 days ago by Dick
I received two calls today from this number while at church. No messages were left. I have learned that it was U.of R. Advancement Dept. calling...
4917 days ago by Nancy
12/5/10 @ 1:05...
4895 days ago by Samantha
Call me daily. I finally answered and they hung up.
5214 days ago by Nick
automated call stated they were calling from Suntrust Bank to discuss my home mortgage. also, asked me were they speaking to me or my wife. and...
5048 days ago by chris
the person called and i heard laughs
5398 days ago by Amd
keeps calling by phone at any time with no answer. Only 2 beeps.
4961 days ago by Margie
When I answered they hung up. I called back and the call wouldn't go through, so I called again - it's an automated Rec. Management...
5680 days ago by trel
they called my phone and when returned call there was no dial-tone nor ringing..
4853 days ago by maggie
They caller and said i had a payday loan that i never pay.Threatened with jail and to tack me to court if i dont pay 764.00.And wounld have put...
4830 days ago by tiredofit
got several calls from this number...thought it was a friend from that one said a word...gonna block it
5584 days ago by mm
asking to donate to their fundraising
4796 days ago by Susan
He was the dea and was coming to arreset me at my old addess.
4362 days ago by ireg
calls keep coming
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