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5677 days ago by e
daily at 5:30 never speaks
5677 days ago by Carol Hamilton
Annoying calls that won't stop
5677 days ago by Dan Flinchum
caller unkown I am reporting them to Metro PCS, whoi appears to be the caller's provider.
5677 days ago by PG
Asked for Ada Baker-Search Successful! Results For (902) 442-6643 Number: (902) 442-6643 Search Date: 11/05/2008 Search Time: 10:29 AM City: H...
5678 days ago by tom
Have called my skype number and my cell number with offers on direct tv and others
5678 days ago by ja
It's CMC hospital.
5678 days ago by DG
Lady asked for Vladimir.. Told her she had wrong number.. She said thanks and hung up. This has happened more than once. Got same results as...
5678 days ago by gaarfield
Did not answer the phone, thanks to this site.
5678 days ago by jh0n
"nick crawford" from "windsor engineering" trying to headhunt my engineers. ;) second call from this asshole.
5679 days ago by stefan
wierd and annoying i want it to stop i have recieved over thirty calls in one hour! what can i do about it ? how can I make it stop?
5679 days ago by Joy
Second call today -
5679 days ago by dori thompson
hang up
5679 days ago by Sarah McC
Repeat offender
5679 days ago by Lonewolf
Constant non-stop calls from the same individual looking for a Mary Wagner regarding a pending issue that will be filed in the city of St Louis....
5680 days ago by m
hangs up
5680 days ago by Tiésar
Mais uma vez o brasileiro é feito de palhaço... depois de receber ligações diárias do telefone maldito da...
5680 days ago by trel
they called my phone and when returned call there was no dial-tone nor ringing..
5680 days ago by Darcky
Barely understandable. Asked him why he was using my cell phone minutes, he immediately hung up.
5680 days ago by DD
Has called once a day for the last few days.. Dead air
5680 days ago by T
Asked if Richard was in I said no he wasn't. Lady said Thank you and hung up
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