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4585 days ago by Julie
Received an automated call asking me to accept a collect call from Cook County Correctional Facility from an Officer Williams due to a family...
4585 days ago by kay
calls and hangs up x3
4585 days ago by dawn
These nuisance callers ring everyday, but hang up on you as soon as you take the call.
4586 days ago by Jill
same as all these others
4586 days ago by Shanda
I get several calls a day from this number. I answer the phone, and they hang up. I call back and they don't answer. Unknown Name is in the...
4586 days ago by Susan O
Call several times a day. When I picked up, no one talked. Very disruptive.
4586 days ago by Yvonne
Would like to know who it is?
4587 days ago by margaret
called number back....had them put me on their do not call list.
4587 days ago by CF
Rang twice. Stopped ringing. Cannot call back as no such phone when I tried. 10/25/08 12:55 PM CST
4587 days ago by timber point construction
Got a call from the above number znd told them I did not twant any calls from them they immediately called back 6 times and have called every day...
4587 days ago by stevo
Nobody was there after 3 rings, I picked up and the person (or machine) hung up while I was on. I keep reporting certain calls like this one, wh...
4587 days ago by Adalberto
4587 days ago by Annoyed
Beyond global - ALEX RALPH and Cathy (how many indians do you know have the name CATHY??
4588 days ago by J
Had a missed call from this number, I tried to call it back but the number is not recognised? Seems a bit strange.
4588 days ago by Net
Wanted me to give them a credit card for extension of Refrigerator warranty. That stuff comes in the mail and I'm calling GE on
4588 days ago by Water Canyon
This guy called today - got my phone number from my business filing, I'm sure. Gave me the "you're a hard person to get a hold of...
4588 days ago by mishore
they keep calling my phone and they want my account information. so i just dont pick up.
4588 days ago by Shelly
they've called my cell twice this week but never leave a message
4588 days ago by Tim
They are a company in New Jersey who does telemarketing calls for other companies. They always call me about magazine subscriptions I used to...
4588 days ago by miss dee
Has called repeatedly saying he can sell my timeshare for 20,000 to 22,000. Won't give any info regarding fees involved, said I needed to do...
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