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5281 days ago by JSCLT
Called, hung up.
5291 days ago by irritated!
Call them back - sign up for the do not call list (there is a 30 day wait)..... tell them if one more call occurs you will be reporting them to...
5291 days ago by Barb
they never leave message
5292 days ago by ssp
they call every day and both of my phone ring at the same time, like a computer is calling
5292 days ago by Mary
Just calls a couple of times a day and does not say anything
5292 days ago by reeper
This number has called numerous times... never leaving a message. Today I was home and the gentleman (?) asked for my wife, I indicated she was...
5292 days ago by Leigh
When I answer no one says anything. I called back and of course it says all of operators are busy. No they aren't because they never say...
5292 days ago by Jay
They call and hang up when anwering machine picks up.
5292 days ago by margaret
no one says anything when I answer. they call ten times or more a day
5292 days ago by Rolland
Call and hang up.
5292 days ago by M
I get calls from this # constantly. I did speak to someone 1 time and he hung up on me. Then I phoned back one day and told them I was on the Do...
5292 days ago by Julie
Called again, would not leave information, when I called the number back it rang and rang, no answer and no message.
5292 days ago by Charity- Fountain Hills, Arizona
on 9/29/08 at 6:38pm a number on my caller idea showed up as: 062-286-7741. The number showed up on our caller ID quite frequently around the...
5292 days ago by Chaz
Very rude people !!! Uneducated I guess. Keep calling even allthough I have told them several times they have the wrong number.
5293 days ago by bob
no caller ID; caller hung up
5293 days ago by Marietta
We're on the "Do Not Call" list .. this number has been calling us, repeatedly, although I have the recorded calls of the numerous...
5293 days ago by stop calling me
called yesterday and today
5293 days ago by kelly
recording saying that "If this is Kelly...., call 1-800-...and since you are still on the line,we assume that this is Kelly" they call...
5293 days ago by Gregory
Called at 10:10 am on 09/30/08
5294 days ago by Philo
No message, just called and hung up
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