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4579 days ago by Briannie
We get a phone call and this number is the number that shows up on caller ID, but the call is actually from another phone number. Usually it is...
4580 days ago by Peter
Did not receive a call, but 905 616 is a Fido cell phone.
4580 days ago by Angela A
Called at midnight. dont know him.
4580 days ago by AlmostSeventy
This number calls at least once a day, sometimes two or three times, never leaves a message. I get charged for incoming calls. These people...
4581 days ago by So Cal Realtor
Acted as though they had a client to refer.
4581 days ago by TOM
4581 days ago by companyphone
no one speaks, i don't wait around for a computer.
4581 days ago by MIke
Calls business line. 9:PM-ish, no answer, no messages either.
4582 days ago by Shan
Calls about 5 times a day, when I pick up, no one answers
4582 days ago by cc
recieved the same type calls with no message (I don't answer for people I don't know.)
4582 days ago by LYNN
4582 days ago by TC
constant calls no one responds when answered.
4582 days ago by Frustrated
Has called everyday for the past 3 weeks between the hours of 9:00 A.M. to 9:00 P.M. Could someone please arrest this company for phone...
4582 days ago by Lee
several missed calls on my cell phone and they never leave messages
4582 days ago by gg2
Just leaves empty messages several times a day.
4582 days ago by Pittsburgh
No knowledge about caller. they called but since i didn't recognize the number on my cell, I didn't answer, no voicemail left. calling...
4583 days ago by No "McSame" Campaign
"If you would like more information, please visit John McCain dot com" At least they have an opt-out option.
4583 days ago by doc
Calls 2- 3 times per day and never anwsers
4583 days ago by mtm
Like others, received a message to ring 1800 090 941 regarding my personal business matter. Caller (Indian female) gave name - something like...
4583 days ago by ba
Received unwanted call from this number. Not anyone that I know.
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