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4547 days ago by Paul J
Calls with automated message to collect debt.
4547 days ago by newkirk
call from 2026831413, same scammers as 2026831404, which they leave as callback number in the voicemail they'll leave if you DON'T...
4547 days ago by newkirk
Same scammers as 2026831404, which they leave as callback number in the voicemail they'll leave if you DON'T answer. 202 is DC area ...
4547 days ago by Bear[i[
Has been calling steadily for a week. One time the answering machine picked up a single "hello?".
4547 days ago by Jennifer Gerber
This is Kaiser Permanente reminding you of an appointment.
4547 days ago by bugged
annoying to say the least
4547 days ago by DownSouth
Caller hung up when i asked "Can I help you?" 205-201-XXXX are bunk calls for credit scammers.....
4548 days ago by j
Called about my CREDIT Union.RED Flag @ 8:30 at night. I called the credit union to let them know.
4548 days ago by flo
been calling me since last week but when i tried to call back, call can not be completed
4548 days ago by JTC
Line was silent after pickup
4548 days ago by zack
didnt know the number so didnt answer they didnt leave a messaga either
4548 days ago by BDCGrandma
received a call from this number on Oct 21, 2008 @ 12:51pm
4548 days ago by JDS
who the F*** is this calling me?
4548 days ago by G
I didn't answer
4548 days ago by dm210891
number doesnt exist, im from germany...
4549 days ago by David
I won a Florida trip at a cost $598 usd. just had to buy with my mastercard. Caller informed me that only 25 of these offers where given away a...
4549 days ago by KT
UPDATE: Local Vero Beach PD claims they can't do anything about it. AT&T - the ones providing a landline to these A-Holes claimed the...
4549 days ago by amanda
esta persona llama a mi celular y no contesta y cuando regresa uno la llamada cuelga y no contesta se la apsa molestando hasta fin de semana ya...
4549 days ago by NoAccount
Please help stop the harassing phone calls. ...
4549 days ago by Joe Blow
Maybe it's a way to bring all of us lonely people together! Are you alone? I am. They knew we would all search the internet and find each...
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