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5272 days ago by Alice
I got a call on 10-20-08. I didn't answer it before the number hung up. However, every time I called the number back the number was busy. So...
5273 days ago by Alerta
Este numero de telefono y cualquier numero que te marque a tu telefono y no conteste es un probable extorcionador. Para evitar cualquier fraude...
5273 days ago by Victim in Florida
Calls and hangs up or message says "stay on line for a message" very odd and won't identify themselves.
5273 days ago by J Shaw
I picked up the phone but didn't say anything and the call dropped about 10 seconds later.
5274 days ago by aaa
called me 4 times within the past hour. Persistently annoying. I refuse to pick up.
5274 days ago by gail
called 8 times beginning at 5 o'clock am,
5274 days ago by ppp
Called and left a message "hello...?" He didn't realize it was voice mail.
5275 days ago by slingblade
I get "crap" calls on my caller id (I never answer the phone) They always say on the id "California Call" Figures that...
5276 days ago by linda
they hang up
5276 days ago by They tricked me
Aslo number 561-340-6560 They have sent me emails too and this is my reply to them: I HAVE REPORTED YOU TO THE FTC TOLD THEM HOW I WAS TRICKE...
5276 days ago by SM
My son was contacted by this same number and promised gas vouchers. They've already taken money out of his checking account. He's...
5276 days ago by ME
Called and left detailed message that I have been chosen to win a Ford Explorer and it would be in my best interest to call him back and speak...
5276 days ago by u
just a hang up
5276 days ago by ifaa
The caller call @ 9.30 Am and when I picked up a call the caller hanged-uo on me.
5276 days ago by N/A
Continually calls on a daily basis and hangs up the minute you answer.
5276 days ago by Marco
Calling without end and seem that using some fax or things like this calling 5-10 times in a day
5277 days ago by sd
3 calls so far on cell phone around 8pm, never leaves message.
5277 days ago by Annoyed
No details, just want to know who owns this number. No one but family and my job has this number.
5277 days ago by G
Very Annoying, too many calls from them, too many different numbers, too many times a day.
5277 days ago by wild child
my name is dave im calling about a web suit you were on about making money. from making phone calls from can visit our websiut at...
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